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Here's to better habits, positive thinking, clean eating & loving yourself

12 weeks of wholefood eating, 100 tasty and delicious recipes, ongoing support and advice.

This programme is great for you if

  • You want more energy

  • You want to kick cravings and foods that irritate you

  • You want to change your relationship to food

  • You want help to lose weight

  • You want to learn new healthy habits

  • You want to get a healthy body for conception

Food makes up the building blocks of our human body, food can either rob or enhance your energy, emotional state and overall well-being.

Food is nourishment and should be a pleasurable experience, instead many people have lost their connection to food and it has become a battleground that causes negative emotion and low self-esteem.

This approach is about using real nutritious whole foods to ensure a positive confident journey back to healthy eating. It is not a quick fix diet programme, but rather a vehicle for learning new skills to support the evolution of a healthier you for the long term .

This popular twelve-week programme gives you a solid, easy-to-follow plan to get your eating right on track for a healthier, more energised you.

  • Recipes that are tasty, easy to prepare and family-friendly

  • Meal plans that take all the hard work out of what to prepare each day

  • Lunches that are left over from the night before

  • Plenty of variety so you don’t get bored

  • Nutritionally balanced to remove your cravings for unhealthy food habits

  • All meal plans are adjusted for food allergies and intolerance's

Here’s What Is Involved with your Taste Success Programme:

Initial Consultation

During your initial 40 minute consultation:

  • Review your health goals and priorities

  • Discuss your current diet

  • Address any underlying health issues

  • Introduction to the taste Success programme and recipe book

  • If desired, note measurements and weight

Spring is the perfect time to reassess habits and make adjustments.

Ongoing Support

Fortnightly visits over 12 weeks to support your progress.

These quarter of an hour visit's will help you learn about a new, healthier approach to food and answer any questions you may have about food, cooking, and healthy eating. Any additional support you need to keep you motivated.

The Taste Success Guidebook will provide you with all the details of the programme and its food. In this we share philosophies giving you the principles behind the programme and lots of quality nutritional and lifestyle tips.

Taste Success 12 week healthy eating programme

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