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Here's to better habits, positive thinking, clean eating & loving yourself

12 weeks of wholefood eating, 100 tasty and delicious recipes, ongoing support and advice.

This programme is great for you if

  • You want more energy

  • You want to kick cravings and foods that irritate you

  • You want to change your relationship to food

  • You want help to lose weight

  • You want to learn new healthy habits

  • You want to get a healthy body for conception

Food makes up the building blocks of our human body, food can either rob or enhance your energy, emotional state and overall well-being.

Food is nourishment and should be a pleasurable experience, instead many people have lost their connection to food and it has become a battleground that causes negative emotion and low self-esteem.

This approach is about using real nutritious whole foods to ensure a positive confident journey back to healthy eating. It is not a quick fix diet programme, but rather a vehicle for learning new skills to support the evolution of a healthier you for the long term .

Taste Success Foundation Programme

This popular twelve-week programme gives you a solid, easy-to-follow plan to get your eating right on track for a healthier, more energised you.