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Vitamin D and Your Fertility

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

"From conception to birth, the sunshine vitamin plays a role in our fertility, pregnancy and the lifelong health outcomes of our children"

Vitamin D is well known to have a major effect on bone and muscle health and is emerging as a major vitamin in disease prevention, regulating inflammation and healthy immunity. Known as the sunshine vitamin as Vit D is synthesised in your skin from UVB rays becoming a metabolically active hormone following its stimulation from the liver and kidneys. It then goes to work attaching to any of the 200+ receptors throughout the body.

Vitamin D receptors are abundant in the reproductive system including on the ovum and the head of sperm. Vitamin D is involved in many reproductive processes and is associated with improving fertility. Women with sufficient preconception Vitamin D levels are more likely to achieve pregnancy and have a healthy birth without complications.

Heading towards the end of winter is a great time to test your Vitamin D levels via the 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test. Read more about testing for vitamin D levels here.

The optimum range for whole-body health and greater chances of pregnancy is 75 to 120 nmol/L, I would highly recommend testing if you are #TTC