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5 Tips for IVF during Quarantine

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

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For those undergoing fertility treatments during this time which has been put on hold, I am sorry.

I know it can be heartbreaking to feel you are so close to becoming pregnant and then something out of your control disrupts your plans.

The events surrounding us now are truly something we have no power over but there are elements you can influence which will support your fertility, egg health, and overall well-being, so regardless of external events you are still taking a positive step forward.

Fertility Diet

You are likely already adhering to a fertility diet and if not now is a great time to start. A fertility diet is not one where you have to spend lots of money on expensive ingredients or buy products whose name you can’t pronounce. It is a diet that focuses on micro and macro-nutrients which can be easily found in your kitchen and which research suggests makes an improvement to ovulation, conception, and the chances of a healthy baby. The key points of a fertility diet are an abundance of nutrients and it is devoid of anti-nutrients that can have a detrimental effect on fertility such as alcohol, caffeine, and trans-fatty foods.

Because nutrition is the foundation of cellular health, eating well increases the quality of your ovum and sperm.