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Fertility Smoothie

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Green smoothie for fertility
Fertility smoothie

Healthy eating habits are well known to have a positive effect on fertility outcomes, as a whole food diet with fresh, seasonal, organic (where possible) produce will ensure a wide variety of nutrients that are required for healthy sperm and eggs. One of the easiest ways to ensure this is by making a daily fertility smoothie.

Throwing all the goodness into your smoothie for the day will provide a synergistic blend of the appropriate vitamins and minerals needed for healthy conception.


Think leafy spinach, kale, chard etc. Greens provide a multitude of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and a natural source of folate.

Rotate the leafy greens you are using to ensure a range of nutrients are digested.


Berries are little powerhouses of nutrition. Full of antioxidants that keep

inflammation and free radicals at bay.

Tip: Use frozen spinach cubes and frozen berries for easy availability.


Seeds are great sources of essential fatty acids, minerals, protein and fibre.