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Hi! I'm Amelia 


I have been using hands-on healing

for two decades now and I am grateful

to have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers around.

I have first-hand experience with how the healing touch can transform you not only on a physical level but mental and emotional too.


With years of experience I have practised and honed my skills at five start retreats and day spas around the world and now I am able to bring that to you. 

Massage to me is a great privilege, that people invite me into their space with trust and what results is a  great reset of the nervous system.

My style is a melding of techniques to create a holistic and therapeutically relaxing massage for you and your needs, whether that is stress reduction after long hours at work, pregnancy massage right up until the day of birth or post-natal massage to ease your body because what new mum doesn't want a back rub. Massage can also be a wonderful tool for grief support for pregnancy and baby loss, something very close to my heart.


My boutique home clinic space is set to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I know what sets the tone for a beautiful treatment and all of your senses are taken care of in this spa-like environment. 


Image by Alexey Marchenko

You will leave your massage feeling like a new person because you gave yourself some time to rejuvenate. I guarantee it!

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