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Post-Natal Massage,

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Nourishing the new mother so she can nourish her family feels like the ultimate in community care to me. I absolutely adore coming into the homes of newborn babies, There is often helping hands of family members quietly moving about the place, baby has just been put down to sleep as this is an opportune time for mama to get her needs met. Bed set up, heated blanket on, oils and creams prepared, creating a little space that's good for mum and good for baby too.

Post-natal massage relieves body aches and tension left over from birth and promotes circulation which reduces any swelling. I use a combination of arnica, St John's wort, lavender, & almond oil which reduces muscular discomfort, helps tissue stay soft and supple and promotes rest and a sense of calm. Massage naturally releases feel-good hormones and reduces cortisol supporting the new mother during this transition period. 

Postpartum massage Auckland
Postpartum massage Browns Bay

If mama would like some naturopathic support with breastfeeding, sleep, nutrition, or mood, a consultation in your home at the same time can be conducted. This will allow you to voice any concerns you have and give you a space to talk. I can then offer you nutritional and herbal support recommendations. I service the greater Auckland area. Get in touch if you feel this is the support you need.


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