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Women's Wisdom

Hormonal health and body literacy

The Art of Charting

Our body is incredible and sends us all these subtle messages about hormonal changes and fertile times. There are only a few days of the cycle when conception can occur. By learning the signs you are able to reliably and sufficiently control contraception or conception.

By learning to chart your menstrual cycle you learn about yourself and your body’s signals, such as:

  • Hormone shifts and imbalances

  • Ovulation time

  • Fertile and non-fertile days

  • Temperature and mucous

  • When to avoid conception 

  • When is the optimum time for pregnancy 

Body Literacy

Why is this important for woman? Because knowledge is power! Tuning into your body gives you greater harmony between body and mind. The problem is modern woman often deem their menstrual cycles as a nuisance and seek to control them with modern day contraceptives such as the oral contraceptive pill (OCP). The issue with the OCP is in its ability to manipulate hormones and fertility. While the invention of “the pill” has revolutionised modern woman’s lives, it has taken away self-knowledge of reproductive functions and control of your own fertility. Not only that but the hormonal contraception depletes numerous nutrients which can wreak havoc on young woman’s bodies.

Healthy Cycles


When used correctly, natural fertility charting is as effective as the pill without the side effects (99.6%). 
If you are wanting to conceive it is suggested that you come off all hormonal contraception at least six months before trying. This is to ensure vitamin and minerals are replenished and to correct any hormonal imbalances that the contraceptive may have been masking. Your cycle is a key indicator of hormonal health.

Women's wisdom is the innate knowledge of the sacred feminine. It is a deep understanding of how our own bodies work and how they are connected to mother earth. We are cyclical by nature in every aspect, our menstrual cycle coinciding with the lunar cycle every month. Through three consultations spread over three months, you will be taking the health of your cycle into your own hands. Understanding your body and how it works instead of giving the authority away to others. This is for every female with a menstrual cycle, no matter what it looks like. 


  • Anatomy & physiology of the female body

  • Hormone health and how it affects your cycle

  • Nutrition for healthy hormones

  • Charting your menstrual cycle and your lunar cycle

  • How to safely come off contraceptives and replenish your body

  • Real self-care rituals to ease menstrual symptoms

  • How to safely and effectively avoid pregnancy

  • Preparation for the preconception period 

Women's Wisdom Package 

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