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My Fertile Kitchen
  • My Fertile Kitchen


    This is a 72-page guide that helps to turn your kitchen into a fertile kitchen. Looking at the micronutrients and macronutrients that are vital for fertility using everyday products that are already in your kitchen. The food on your plate is the building block of who you are and forms the beginnings of your future child.


    What's inside:

    • A breakdown of the micronutrients you need to include in your diet and where to get them from
    • How to optimise your gut health for fertility
    • Organic food and is it worth it to make the switch 
    • List of the Clean 15, Dirty 12
    • What should be excluded from a fertility diet
    • 28 delicious recipes that support ovulation and conception. 
    • Fertility superfoods shopping list 
    • PDF download

      This is a digital product 

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