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Creating and Maintaining Health

Naturopathic Consultations  

Treating the Whole Person


Naturopathy treats the cause not just the symptoms. The initial consultation is indepth to gather as much information as we can to provide you with a comprehensive, detailed and unique treatment plan. This will include a full health history, dietary analysis, review of previous pathology tests, and further testing if needed. As a Naturopath, supporting the body’s natural healing processes is a priority.

Prevention and Education

Treatment is based on the most current scientific research, backed with tried and tested naturopathic philosophies. Nutrition forms the basis of all treatment plans, as it is the food on your plate that develops into the building blocks of you. Food can either rob or enhance your energy, emotional state and overall well-being. We will work together to find what are the optimum micro and macro nutrients for your body, correct any nutritional deficiencies, along with lots of education and support.

The Healing Power of Nature 

Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes  since the dawn of time. Herbs can have a gentle and yet profound effect on a person’s health. Using the most recent scientific research alongside traditional knowledge herbs are used in clinic to help balance and enhance your physiology. As a qualified herbalist I ensure safety with all herbal preparations

Your Consultation 

Before you arrive for your consultation I will email you an intake form which allows you to give a summary of your health history, including medications and supplements, use as well as your health goals. I will also attach a food diary to complete. 

During your initial consultation, we will go in depth to your health history, review any doctors notes and lab tests you have brought along and perform any relevant testing such as blood pressure analysis, urinalysis, and zinc status. We will go over all body systems, diet, and lifestyle. You will leave with a few strategies to implement and if necessary a herbal formula


Following your initial consultation, I will dive deeper into the information collected spending a few hours researching your condition. Working with your desired outcome I will present you with a detailed treatment plan including lifestyle and diet recommendations, recipes, supplements and more 

Mobile Consultations 

A professional service just like in the clinic but ideal for those who would find it difficult to make an appointment. This can be a great situation for mothers at home with children or anyone wanting to have an overhaul of their diet as we can assess what is in the kitchen (shopping excursions can be added on). 

Please make sure that you can have 60 to 90 minutes of uninterrupted time and a private space to conduct the consultation. 

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