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Supporting women through every season & cycle of their lives 

Hi! I'm Amelia 

I want to support you to be a happier healthier version of yourself, using naturopathic principles that enhance your energy, emotional state, and overall wellbeing.

So if you are a woman who wants to enjoy her monthly cycle, balance her hormones or have a healthy pregnancy and baby then this is all for you. 


Naturopathic Consultations

Treating the whole person

Naturopathy treats the cause not just the symptoms. The initial consultation is indepth to gather as much information as we can to provide you with a comprehensive, detailed and unique treatment plan. This will include a full health history, dietary analysis, review of previous pathology tests, and further testing if needed. As a Naturopath, supporting the body’s natural healing processes is a priority

Women's Wisdom

Over three months consisting of three consultations, you will deepen your understanding of the menstrual cycle through:



  • Anatomy & physiology of the female body

  • Hormone health and how it affects your cycle

  • Nutrition for healthy hormones

  • Charting your menstrual cycle and your lunar cycle

  • Real self-care rituals to ease symptoms

  • How to safely and effectively avoid pregnancy


This is for every female with a menstrual cycle, no matter what it looks like.


Conscious Conception

Preconception Package

How much time is taken to consider preparing for the most important event of our lives?  The preconception course is four months, an optimum way to approach conception that aims to improve and maximise the health of parents and child:  
  • Detoxification and gentle cleansing of environmental toxins
  • Correcting and improving your nutritional status
  • Ensuring balanced hormones and a regular cycle
  • Getting fertility fit with a positive mindset
  • Learning to identify your fertile days and the ideal time for conception 
  • Stress reduction and mind-body therapies included

Massage Therapy

Expert Massage for Women

Take the spa treatment to your own home with professional relaxation massage. I see women of all ages for stress reduction, general wellbeing, prenatal & postnatal massage. 

Each treatment is tailor-made to you drawing on the many modalities I have learnt over the years. 


Read on to discover how massage can benefit you 

Reiki Treatment
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